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Bonjour, my little chocolatines. If you have stumbled on my blog looking for information about Bordeaux and France – Welcome. My name is Denitsa, 32 years old, from Bulgaria. I am the creator and writer of Bordeaux Uncovered – a brainchild of mine, born from the need to share my love for Bordeaux and France. Tighten your seat-belts and listen to these flight instructions carefully. Because if you have decided to visit this unique French city, I’m here to share all the secrets and very practical information that will help you get the most out of this adventure.

Who am I and why am I in Bordeaux?

I have been living in this enchanting city for four years now. I moved here from Varna after I finished my higher education. It was the decision I took, dictated by my desire to travel, to see the world, other cultures and habits. As a person who is accustomed to living in different countries since I was a child, the changes do not frighten me. However, the French language … let’s say three years later, I still find it difficult. If I have to be honest, I have the feeling that the French themselves consider it a challenge.

I dare say that for the time I spent here I met France behind the veil of romance and the breath of wine. There are some things that have grabbed me right away, some things I find it difficult to get used to, but despite it all, France is a country with charm and glory that are earned, deserved and there are thousands of things that can be told about it.


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I live in Bordeaux. The city is located in the southwest of France, the region of Aquitaine. This is important information because I have found with time that France has such a rich culture that each region is so different and specific – as if it were almost different countries. They say Bordeaux is the city of the bourgeoisie in France, and I honestly tend to agree. When I first came here I did not know that. I have traveled to many countries, but I have visited mainly their capitals, and we all know that a capital city does not represent a country. Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France. But it is one of those destinations that even the French dream of visiting.

Let’s go back to the bourgeoisie. Although Bordeaux is not the capital, the city is always full of people and tourists. Even in the winter months, thanks to the softer climate. Local people, however, do not have that inherent arrogance that goes with the idea that you are a metropolitan. (now the people in the capitals shouldn’t be offended) Do not get me wrong, however, les Bordelais, as they are called, do have a high opinion of themselves. They know very well that they have the honor to live in a city that is not only part of the UNESCO list, but it is also one of the most prominent representatives of France and French culture.

Nonetheless, local people have one quality that I fell in love with, which makes Bordeaux even more special. They call it La politesse. This literally translates as politeness. For local people, it is like a religion. For them, words like “thank you”, “excuse me” and “good day” are not only mandatory but if you do not learn to use them quickly every day and everywhere, you will certainly not be well received among them. I will also tell you more about these habitats because I was very interested in learning, for example, what is le Bisou, which is an integral part of being an educated citizen in France. We will also talk about my favorite places in Bordeaux (and why not other cities).

What you can see and visit while you’re here. For public transport, restaurants, and pubs. In general, I want to tell you everything about Bordeaux, which I and the people around me find interesting and important to know.


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