Best places to go shopping in Bordeaux, France

Best places to go shopping in Bordeaux, France

Obviously, when you travel and visit a destination, the first thing you want to do is explore. Learn more about the city, local culture and food, etc. We can all agree on that. What is the second? Shopping! Of course, it is shopping. It is simply a fun activity. Therefore it is not a huge surprise that the process of buying stuff is considered to be a form of therapy. So, what are the best places to go shopping in Bordeaux, France you ask? Here is what I think.


High-Street Shops in Bordeaux, France


Rue Sainte-Catherine

Rue Sainte-Catherine is the biggest and busiest shopping street in Bordeaux. It is 1 250 m long and is considered to be the largest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. Sainte-Catherine is one of the most important arteries running throughout the city. It connects Place de la Comedie with Place de la Victoire.


The rue intersects with rue de la Merci and rue des 3 Conils, forming Place Saint-Projet. Once there was a graveyard and there is still a Gothic cross left as a reminiscence of that time.



The street is extremely busy almost all the time, but especially on Saturdays. Most of the more famous and worldwide-known brands are located there. It is a real paradise for the shopaholics. And the cool thing is that if you get tired from spending all your hard-earned money – it is pretty easy to find a place to relax. There are coffee shops and cute restaurants, ‘hidden’ all around the area.


Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges and Rue Saint-James

Rue du Pas-Saint-George is a charming stretch of pavement, full of independent shops and trendy restaurants on both sides. If you are on the lookout for some less-known, unorthodox brands this is the place to be. Amazing jewelry and interesting clothing stores are waiting for you. I think that Rue du Pas-Saint-George has a certain je ne se quoi about it, that makes it one of my favorite places to browse for fun.

If you continue in the destination of Place de la Victoire, eventually Rue du Pas-Saint-George will become Rue Saint- James. Another charming street at the heart of Bordeaux. The rue is sprinkled with interesting shops. One of the best places to go shopping in Bordeaux for a gift. Also, you will enjoy the stunning view of Porte Saint-Éloi and Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux, whilst you straw around the area.



Some other interesting shopping streets in the center area of Bordeaux you might want to check out are: Rue des Remparts, Rue du Loup and Rue de la Porte Dijoux



Luxury Shops in Bordeaux, France

Cours de l’Intendance and Cours George Clemenceau

In case you are on a hunt for more luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and CartierCours de L’Intendance and Cours George Clemenceau are your best chance.


Galeries Laffayette

If a more classic shopping experience is what you like – check out Galeries Laffayette. One of the most known shops in France, it is full of luxury and more high-end brands.Galeries Laffayete is the best place to go shopping in Bordeaux for fancy items. They like to brand themselves as the promoters of the French ‘art of living.’ Shopping there can certainly be a glamorous affair, though it is often too full of people to really enjoy it.

Shopping Centers in Bordeaux, France


If you are into the typical mall atmosphere – Meriadek is the perfect place in the center of the city to go shopping. The center is small but with a great selection of brands. It is ideal during the colder months. There is also a huge supermarket – Auchan where you can do your food shop.

Merignac de Soleil

If you find yourself in the Merignac area of the Cube – Merignac de Soleil is a great destination to do your shopping. It is very close to the Airport as well, so if you are on your way back home and you have a few hours to kill – you can definitely do it here. The huge shopping center has all the known brands and offers a lot more tranquil shopping experience.


I will be writing an article with my Favorite Shops in Bordeaux soon, so keep an eye for that. Nice shopping everyone. Don’t forget to let me know what are the best places to go shopping in Bordeaux in your experience? 


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