How to get to and from the Merignac Airport

How to get to and from the Merignac Airport

Once you arrive in Bordeaux you will land on Merignac Airport – the only commercial airport servicing the town of Bordeaux, France. The airport itself is not very big and is very simply organized. There are two main buildings. One for the low-cost flights called – the Billi terminal (here you can find the plan for the terminal) and the main building for all the standard flights – Hall A and Hall B (here you can find the plan for the terminal). Now, lets get into the question how to get to and from the Merignac Airport ?

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How to use the public transport in Bordeaux : Buying a ticket

There are a couple of options to get to and from the airport:

1. Rent a car {Location de voitures – fr}

Right in front of the airport, there is a parking where you can find a lot of options for renting a car. You can find all the different companies listed here. The good things is that they offer additional survives like baby chairs or waiting for you in case your flight is late and GPS.

2. Shuttle – {La Navette Directe Aeroport – Gare – fr)

If you are looking for a direct connection from the airport to the local train station this might be your best option. You can find the shuttle at Terminal B and it will cost you 8 euro. For more information about the schedule here.

3. Bus – {Bus à l’Aéroport de Bordeaux – La lianes 1+}

Bus number 1+ is servicing the Merignac Airport –  Saint-Jean Train station. It is a very convenient line as it not only takes you through out the center of the city but also connects you to tram A, which is one of the main train or tram lines in town.

The line serves the following sectors: Parc Kennedy, Mérignac Soleil, Mérignac Centre, Barrière Judaïque, Gambetta, Palais de Justice, Victoire.

Connecting services and other directions:
• “Quinconces” from the airport with Lianes 1+: get off at the stop “Poste de Mériadeck” and take the Lianes 3+ bus to the “Quinconces” terminus.
• The airport from “Quinconces”: take the Lianes 3+ and get off at “Gambetta” for the connecting service with Liane 1+.
• Connecting service with Tram Line A at “Mérignac Centre” and lines B and C at “Bordeaux Quinconces”.


You can buy your ticket, either from the ticket machine in front of Hall B of the airport or from the driver of the bus himself. The ticket has a standard fare of 1.60 euros. I recommend to always have coins for that. It has to be validated when you get on the bus. Here you can find everything you need to know about the public transport in Bordeaux. (fares, schedules and more)

4. Taxi

Taxis here are quite expensive so keep that in mind. I would recommend taking a taxi only in case you don’t have any other option, as the buses and shuttles run only up to around midnight. You can also use UBER.

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