How to use the public transport in Bordeaux

How to use the public transport in Bordeaux

We all know that traveling to a new city can be very exciting and full of anticipation. But what happens when we get there, and we have no idea how to go around it? It becomes stressful very quickly since it is often too expensive to get a taxi. Unfortunately when you travel on a budget being able to take yourself from one place to another with a bus, tram or bike is essential. If you are asking yourself How to use the public transport in Bordeaux – this is the article for you.

Don’t forget to check out the official site of TBM or Transports Bordeaux Métropole. It is actually very helpful and well-made. HERE




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How to use the public transport in Bordeaux : Buying a ticket




Ticket 1 voyage – 1.70€

The most basic and commonly both ticket here is the Tickarte for 1 trip or 1 voyage. It can be used on trams, buses, and boats (“L’Hirondelle” and “La Gondole”, the 2 boats of Bordeaux Metropole linking the two banks of the river.) They are valid for the duration of 1 hour. You must always validate your ticket the moment you walk into the tram, using using the white machine (old version – the yellow machines) that is usually found on the right, next to the door. Your ticket is valid for 1 hour, no matter the method of transportation or the destination, but you have to validate the ticket each time you change transport, even if you have done it once before.

Ticket  2 voyages – 3.10

Its used the same way as the above and it is valid for 2 trips.


Ticket 10 trips – 13.20€

Obviously, if you plan to do more than one trip, this option is a lot more suitable for you. You get one ticket that can be used 10 times, so be careful not to throw it away. The ticket must be validated and works for 1 hour each time.

Travel pass 1 – 7 days – 13.70€

This ticket gives you unlimited access to the public transport and public parking or Les Parc-Relais for the period of 7 days from the moment of the first validation. Here you can find a list with the available parking spaces

Evening pass – 2,40€

This is a good option if you are going out for the night. The ticket is valid from 19h00 to 05h00 for as many times as you wish. You can use it for the tram, bus, and the parking.

CityPass 24h – 29€ / 48 -39 € / 72h – 46 €

With this option, you have unlimited access to all ways of transportation plus free access to museums, the botanical garden, and a tour guide tour.,fr,3,32.cfm

Working hours

Trams run between 05h00 to 00h00 from Monday to Wednesday and until 1h00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They come at 4 to 7 min intervals during the day and 8 to 15 min intervals at night. On Sundays and public holidays, they are very limited. That said all three lines – A, B, C have different times the service is terminated depending on the direction of the line, so I suggest you use an app that is very helpful and works for the tram and the bus to keep track of the time until the last bus/tram. On the 1st of May, there is no transportation.

The app I use: Transports Bordeaux
It tells you when the next/last bus or tram and the nearest stop is.

Where to buy tickets

You can buy any type of ticket and recharge your city cart at any vending machine at any tram stop. You can buy 1trip tickets from bus drivers and boat drivers or online. It is a good idea to always have some coins on you for the tickets because the machines take only card or coins and bus drivers rarely have change for larger bills.


There is usually no problem for people with disabilities or mothers with baby carts to use the public transport. The trams are spacious, and the people are very couscous to give anyone who needs it enough space. The buses have a special ramp as well, so anyone can get on it.

Little things to keep in mind

  • Here, if you want to take the bus you must lift your hand to stop it. Otherwise, the bus will not stop at every stop. Also, if you want to go off the bus you must use the little, red button inside all the buses to let the driver know you want to get off on the next stop.
  • That goes without saying but no smoking or drinking on the public transport (though I have seen it happen.)
  • Dogs are often allowed inside the trams.
  • When inside the tram/bus try to give the others space if possible, don’t stare or talk too loud.


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Plan ahead

Here you can use the TBM system to plan your journey

Sales offices

If you have any questions about the transport or any problems with it, you can go to the special sales offices. They are very helpful. There you can also make yourself a card for the transport and recharge it.
Sales office opening hours
• Espace Gambetta
> Monday to Friday : 7am to 7pm
> Saturday: 9am to 7pm
• Espace Quinconces
> Monday to Friday : 7am to 7h30pm
> Saturday: 9am to 7pm
• Espace Modalis Saint-Jean
> Monday to friday : 7am to 7pm
> Saturday: 9am to 7pm
• Espace Buttinière
> Monday to friday : 7am to 7pm



I hope this answers some of the question you might have about  How to use the public transport in Bordeaux. If you have any other question, leave them below.


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How to use the public transport in Bordeaux, France

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