Ultimate Cozy Autumn Weekend in Bordeaux

Ultimate Cozy Autumn Weekend in Bordeaux

Ah, Autumn. ‘Tis the season to be happy if you ask me. I love autumn with the power of the fire of a hundred pumpkin spice-scented candles. The warm colors, the cool weather, the rainy afternoons. It all speaks to me and makes me want to just stop and smell the cinnamon spice lattes everywhere. But, you are probably not here to hear my declaration of love to autumn. What you really want to know is how to fully enjoy this season whilst you are in Bordeaux. Fine then, here we go – my guide to the Ultimate Cozy Autumn Weekend in Bordeaux.  Also known as – what to do in Bordeaux on the weekend.

During the autumn months, Bordeaux’s weather tends to be very mild. It is usually nice and warm, but be prepared for some rain, because it is not a rare occasion. I am saying this because I think that if you find yourself cold and wet in the middle of your cozy autumn day in Bordeaux you won’t feel very cozy about it. So, get some layers with your clothing (T-shirt and light jacket) and an umbrella and let’s go exploring.

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Before lunch coffee and finding your Zen in the Cat Café

Our first stop for the cozy autumn day in Bordeaux tour will be one of my favorite places here. Le Comptoir Des Chats (8 Rue Pierre de Coubertin, 33000 Bordeaux.) Located in the center of Bordeaux, close to one of the main lines of the Tram – Tram A, this is a place where cats rule. Literally – it’s their Kingdom. Cats are the best thing in the world and if you don’t agree with me, we can’t be friends by the way.

These types of cafes are nothing new, but if you are a lover of the fluffy balls of joy, then you will find yourself gravitating towards this place a lot. For me, being there, enjoying a nice coffee or some of the freshly made sweets – is nothing short of therapeutic. The café itself is small and you feel like home there. There is a 1-euro fee plus whatever you consume. The café is opened from 12h15 – 18h30 on weekdays and 10h00 – 18h30 on Saturday. The staff is friendly and I have always had the best experience. Just don’t be too offended when the cats ignore you… what else did you expect?

Exploring the Saint-Mitchel flea market and finding treasures

One of the biggest markets in Bordeaux – this is the place you should be at on the weekend if you enjoy treasure hunting, fresh products, and bargains. Here, you can find anything and everything – eggs, cheese, meat, veggies, and fruit. In my experience, the produce is always better-tasting and better-priced than the one you will find in the supermarkets.

You can also discover great deals for clothes and all types of knicker-knackers, books, and antiques. It is like a scavenger hunt because the items are never the same – which if you ask me is part of the appeal in such activities. Not to mention that the market itself is situated around the Saint-Mitchel Basilica, which… let’s be real is stunning and just give an extra oomph to the whole flea market affair.

Have a late lunch in an enchanted, indoor forest

After having a mooch around the local flea markets, you have hopefully filled your bag with mini treasures and you are in a need of a meal. Even though autumn is the best and most beautiful season ever, sometimes it is hard to have a snack outside if it is raining or it is too chilly. But do not fret my loves. If you still wanted to be ‘one with nature’ but you don’t want to shiver on a terrace I have got you.

Cuddled in the corner of the Place the Parliament is a magical, little café called L’autre petite bois (12 Place du Parlement, 33000 Bordeaux.) Walking inside this place is almost like walking into a fairy tale, parallel universe. There is just something that makes me think of enchanted forests and royal decadence there. The place is cozy and the food tasty and fresh. And the best part is that the it is open everyday from 12h00 – 00h00. Yes, even on Sundays!

Take a walk and see the sunset over the Garonne

This one is a classic and that is for a reason. Bordeaux’s port is often called – Port de la Lune because of its moon-like shape. So, what better place to sit down and enjoy the sunset and the moon that comes after. Plus there is a stunning view over the Garonne river. Since winter will soon be upon us, this is the best time to soak up the last sun-rays for the day and enjoy the rest of the warm days for the year.

Transport in time and have yourself a drink for a good night

We have already been to two amazing cafes today, but we still haven’t had the chance to kick back and enjoy some good old alcohol (or had we?). I mean, after a long day of fun and enjoyment, a glass of wine in a good company is all you need in order to go home happy and cuddle up in bed. But it is even better when you do that in one of the most fascinating bars in Bordeaux.

Created with a unique idea and garnered with an amazing atmosphere my last suggestion for your cozy autumn day in Bordeaux is – Le Cancan bar (7 Rue du Cerf Volant, 33000 Bordeaux.) Travel back in time to the Prohibition era and literally walk through a secret door in order to discover this world of vintage and old-style glam. In the best case scenario – put on flapper dress ladies and you gents – how about a fedora? I mean…. What more would you want from a bar?

And here we are, at the end of a tiresome, but full of excitements day. Now all its left for you to do is go home, take a hot bath (and don’t forget those cinnamon spice candles), have a cup of tea and sleep. Oh, yeah – autumn is the best.

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Cover Photo: Image by Pepper Mint from Pixabay

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