Weekly Events Agenda in Bordeaux

Weekly Events Agenda in Bordeaux

Having fun is an important part of life. We, humans, are made in a way that, pushes us to enjoy ourselves as much as we can. It is of course due to some complicated chemical reaction that has to do with dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. I, personally am not a stranger to some light-hearted pleasures in life. You know, to make those hormones pump. Fortunately, Bordeaux is a city where you can find entertainment all the time. The Sleeping Beauty (is not so much asleep) is full of all kinds of amusing experiences. Today we are going to take a look at all the weekly events in Bordeaux you shouldn’t miss. This is going to be a simple list, with the best places to visit for some quizzes, open mics, karaoke, etc. It is also going to be an open article, where I will be adding events that are up to date, plus new locations.

If you want to know more about the PUBS IN BORDEAUX, take a look at my comprehensive article:


The Sherlock Holmes – Wednesdays / Music quiz – Saturday

La Grange – Mondays

The Black Velvet – Wednesdays

Houses of Parliament – Sundays

The Grizzly Pub – Tuesdays

The Charles Dickens – Tuesdays

The Connemara – Thursdays

HMS Victory – Mondays

Open Mic

The Sherlock Holmes – Mondays

The Grizzly Pub –  Sundays

The Connemara – Tuesdays

Houses of Parliament – Wednesdays

The Starfish Pub – Wednesdays


The Sherlock Holmes – Sundays

The Connemara – Mondays

All of those places usually have a LIVE CONCERT every Friday or/and Saturday.

Those are the places I visited and loved. I like to share things I have seen with my own eyes and I know are fun. I have a long list with a lot more destinations I want to visit for some weekly events fun. So I will be updating you.

Everything you need about Bordeaux by Deni

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Weekly Events Agenda in Bordeaux, France

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